mCloud - Enterprise Australian Hosted Mobile Device Management

Introducing mCloud by MSC Mobility

MSC Mobility announced an Australian first today with its enterprise grade hosted mobile device management platform called mCloud.

The popularity of Apple’s iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Google’s Android devices has given rise to Enterprise acceptance of the devices however management and security concerns necessitate the need for software that allows IT departments to control and manage the devices.

MSC Mobility’s mCloud service provides a pay-as-you-go software as a service model that allows Enterprise IT departments to manage and monitor iOS and Android devices without the need for additional infrastructure and technical skills to operate.

Mr Leuk Andersen, Managing Director of MSC Mobility, said “MSC Mobility’s mCloud is a cost effective low risk way to manage and monitor compliance of popular smart phone devices today”.

mCloud allows Enterprise IT to harden mobile devices to Vendor guide lines by applying security and application policies to iOS and Android devices as well as detect compromised smart phones. iOS and Android devices can be remotely disabled or simply prevented from accessing Enterprise email and data.

"We are seeing a continued rise in the number of people bringing their own smartphone devices to work expecting to get access to corporate data.” Mr Andersen said “With our mCloud offering, Enterprises can overlay management and a level of corporate compliance while allowing their employees the flexibility of using their own device.”

The ‘consumerisation of IT‘ trend continues to drive change in how businesses provide access to their mobile data. User driven management of device updates continues outside of the IT department’s control and access to a myriad of applications from sometimes dubious sources is making security of company information assets a critical consideration. The rapid change in the mobility landscape driven by consumer oriented devices presents a unique challenge, a challenge that mCloud largely addresses.

About MSC Mobility
MSC Mobility is an Australian mobility specialist with over 8 years experience in Mobile Device Management for all smartphone platforms. MSC Mobility has completed several hundred Blackberry, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile installations and is the largest specialist mobile device management service provider in Australia today with offices in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane. or 1300 652 464

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