Panama Papers and 3rd Wave (Mobile) Security

Panama Papers and 3rd Wave (Mobile) Security

The challenge that governments face is that unless the funds traverse their borders and end up in their banks under the correct identity, it becomes exceptionally difficult to identify who isn’t paying… especially of the controlling agents are not the ones ‘running the Boards’. The Australian Tax Department is leading the charge with a call for global collaboration as part of the Joint International Tax Shelter Information Collaboration organisation and is investigating a list of some 800 Australians suspected of avoiding their tax obligations.

Mobile Digital Trends 2016

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Enterprise digital and mobility is the biggest transformation of how employees and industry operate for a decade. Building on the foundations of client server computing and the internet, digital has changed the fundamental architecture of how we consume information, research and buy products, entertain ourselves, socialize, find a life partner, work and play.

Organisations that fail to embrace digital, the power of mobility, cloud, big data and social tools will succeed in becoming obsolete, disenfranchising top talent, seeing their legacy market disrupted by new and currently unheard of competitors and experience the joy of competitors and vulture capitalists picking off their bones. Harsh… probably, but also true.

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